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✎ Anonymous: OMG your last selfie is so beautifull <3~~~ i think you can help me Please help me! I have a pair of circle lenses but I can't put them on:c this is the second day i try to put them on but I can't :c this are my first pair of contact lenses And it's really hard :c can you tell me about your first expierence wearing contact lenses?

Thank you dear <3
Sorry for my silence.
Maybe your lenses are on left or your eyes aren’t extended/opened. Lenses could be too big for your eyes (if are 15mm)

When I get my first pair (brown 15mm) I was so happy! I opened jars and put one lens on my eye after 10 minets! I laughed, because it was a big difference: my natural eye (green) vs. 15mm lenses (brown). I wore second lenses and I did make up. These eyelenses were for C.C’s Cosplay (Code Geass).

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Sleeping Beauty 


NEW MAGAZINE Stuppy (ステューピー) preview


foxtheenigma sent me this adorable alpaca with lots of cUTE SWEETs and I need to name him LET THE SEARCH BEGIN

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Samuel Cirnansck S/S 2015

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Close up!


Streetstyle: Lee Joo Young shot by Choi Seung Jum


Streetstyle: Jung Ho Yeon shot by Choi Seung Jum


CM: Evans by *yuroran

Commission for creepus! Still super honored to have been able to draw Evans 。・°(°´ω`°)°・。

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